I have the films of the last couple of times we made a performance using the itango pogram, so I’m thinking I will start with those.
I have to imagine the sounds that go with the images in the film…

For the projected images, I think the big rich ripples (where I’ve set the damping to let the ripples live a long time) should be a low humming slowly pulsing warm sound…. Vhoommvhoommvhoom…maybe from the bandoneon or an electric base guitar.
Then, when the ripples are small and following quickly behind the dancers it would be more tinkling cool sounds….  Tingtingtingtingtinklenklenlkenlkenkle… fading to nothing. Water dripping onto something metallic, or little wind chimes…

Another layer, I want to make some electronic sounds to mix with the real instruments…
Maybe could pour water over some circuit board that might make fizzing electronic noises, like Phil’s circuit bending. I’ll have to play around and record it, then sample a good bit.

Then there could be an instrument for each of the dancers, a male and a female. Bandoneon or base guitar for the man and flute or violin for the woman?

Sometimes the ripples pulse, when I change the damping and it catches up with itself. This could be mirrored with repetitive sounds, a manual echo, each repetition of the phrase getting quieter.

Next project

I’m thinking about creating some music to use with the interactive tango performance. I like the piece we used in the performance at Tango-del-Bosque, particularly the way the music comes in on the first note and you’re not sure whether it’s feedback or a note… it gradually becomes apparent. I’d like to keep this electronic sound because I think it’s appropriate for the cyclical element of the visuals which come from a feedback loop.

I don’t think I’m capable of composing anything just yet, so I think I will attempt to write and record an arrangement of a traditional tango but try to give it a contemporary sound, perhaps adding a beat but trying not to lose the elements of a tango that make it so enjoyable to dance to for me… in comparison to dance music now. Tangos have many different layers to them, the rhythm is one layer and provides the structure but it never dominates the music, the dance is inspired by the melody lines of which there are often several. The beauty of having so many different elements to the music is that you can choose and illustrate with your steps whichever line of the music you are listening to. This is one of the things I was trying to show with the Milonga Feet video.

Keywords for the music I want to create…

electronic, feedback, circular, cyclical, dynamic variation, staccato and legato, contrast, dramatic, tango.