Other triggers

My tango friend Adam had a bright idea and e-mailed me this…


How did it go with gonzalo and solange?

I was just working on something totally unrelated, and I had an idea…

You know that video you showed me with people holding sensors, and the image changed whenever they turned the sensor upside down or something?

Well, in tango your feet change move upside down in linear and circular voleo and gancho, etc. And they are usually decorations accompanied by accents in the music. So wouldn’t it be cool if the image could change with the accents? So…sensors on followers feet is the answer.

OK, I’ll go back to work now…

An excellent point! and this visualisation patch is so customisable it’s perfect. If I can add something in the tracking part of the programme to recognise the underside of the feet I could use it to trigger a change of colour in the animation. Could be really cool.

So, what could I use to track the soles of the feet? I don’t know if the colour recognition is strong enough to pick up what would be such quick flashes. Anyone else got any bright ideas?

2 thoughts on “Other triggers

  1. I thought that maybe it could be interesting to create use the program for making sounds. (sorry but my english is not very good to say exactly what I want). If you find it interesting I can carry on with the idea.


  2. Yes, it is interesting. What do you have in mind?

    It’s going to be quite difficult in the time I think, but definitely worth thinking about.

    So far the only things I have seen where people have used this kind of technology to make sounds, the results have been very atmospheric music, without rhythm or melody… It hasn’t really inspired me to dance.

    What if we started with a tango base, maybe a bandoneon playing just a simple tango rhythm, and used the program to enable you to add sounds… So you would be like another instrument?

    You can write in Spanish if you like, I can understand it if it is written down.


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