Comments on the video forwarded from G&S

Solange and Gonzalo sent links to the iTango video to their mailing list, these are some of the responses…

(to Fran,)

All of them don´t say more than congratulation. I ask them a deep opinion of waht they would like to see or do with itango, but I didn´t receive an answer yet.


…”I still have a very good souvenir of your demonstration (and practica), and now I can see it again, it ´s just perfect! ( even if I don´t know wy videos on Utube have to be recorded by unsteady cameras!!! 🙂 )
But how to getmore info about your group and this media project?”…


Hi Gonzalo and Solange

I enjoyed watching your itango video, and I wondered what the piece is that
you are dancin to. Maybe you can send me the title or mp3 file. You remember,
we met at Veronic’s place.
Regards, Tobias


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Alexandre Mota Kanji <>
Date: Feb 23, 2007 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: I would like you to see my Tango videos
To: Gonzalo Orihuela <>

Dear Gonzalo y Solange,

Thanks for sending me your videos! I really enjoyed them. Your work is very nice. I especially liked the interactive dance floor! Full of possibilities, isn’t it?


Hi Gonzalo & Solange,

Thanks a lot for the great link! I especially like the ‘interactive tango’!

Hope to see you again somewhere sometime – I liked the practica at Veros place a



Hola Gonzalo,

….que bueno… los acabo de encontrar…..

No encontraba “tango la b” por ninugún lado…..hasta que busque con grupos….el que busca encuentra…je je je!!!!.

Felicitaciones por vuestro trabajo de itango, es el de england no..?. Nos gusto mucho y es muy inspirador….aguante la B….!!!

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