Candidates for rearrangement

I love this song… ‘Nostalgias’ by Juan Carlos Cobian to the poem by Enrique Cadicamo. I don’t think anyone has made a contemporary arrangement of it yet. I think it might be quite suitable for my itango project because it has a kind of circular melody at the beginning, and in the climax there’s a dramatic repetition of a musical phrase which could work nicely with the ripples. I can imagine really stretching it out at the beginning, being very playful with the speed, and swapping the melody between the instruments.

Another favourite of mine is Piazzolla’s Miolonga en Re.

I love how spacious it is, so minimal with the notes and having only two voices, like his and hers. I like the base line, which sounds circular to me too, repeating the same rhythm and sequence of pitch changes. I think perhaps it’s too exquisite to mess around with though, I don’t want to ruin it for myself!

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