I’ve just got back from a trip to Austria to meet up and rehearse with Gonzalo and Solange, the dancers involved in the itango project. I’d made some changes to the program for the interactive dance floor, and we were trying to work out what it/I was capable of doing with the light effects so that they/we could come up with some choreography to exploit it.

back lightsback lit 2

Since the last time we used the program, I’ve added the possibility of changing the colours and the patterns. The colour change is nice, the new patterns don’t show the interactivity so well, so I’m not sure whether to keep them.
hand2hand light

We thought about the possibility of catching the pools of light in their hands, and then dropping it. It could be coordinated with me so that when they ‘drop’ the small pool of light, I would wack up the damping and the ripples would spread immediately over the entire floor.


The light looks particularly good on skin, but we’re not sure whether they could perform to the tango audience revealing so much flesh, it’s not usual. Male tango dancers almost always perform in a suit jacket, we’re not sure the tango world is ready for such exposure!

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