James Turrell

I can’t beleive I’ve been working with this light projection project for a year and not mentioned James Turrell (an artist who works exclusively with light and atmosphere) in the blog once…

I first became aware of his work in my teens, when I went to his exhibition somewhere in London. It was a square room without ceiling, so that the sky was framed by the walls. As dusk came on, the walls were invisibly lit by a soft orange light that made the deepening blue of the sky resonate. It was quite a profound, meditative experience. I think this must be it… http://www.henryart.org/skyspace.htm, but it’s not quite as I remember it, not sure if that’s my memory or if the piece changed.

Some links to articles on other works by James Turrell: http://www.geocities.com/jvansant_2000/zturrell.htm


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