Quote from photographer Jeff Wall

I’m not sure quite how it can relate to my work, but I find his ideas on gesture quite interesting…

‘ The contracted little actions, the involuntarily expressive body movements which lend themselves so well to photography are what remains in every day life of the older idea of gesture as the bodily, pictorial form of historical consciousness. Possibly this this double magnification of what has been made small and meager, of what has apparently lost its significance, can lift the veil a little on the objective misery of society and of the catastrophic operation of its law of value. Gesture creates truth in the dialectic of its being for another – in pictures, its being for an eye. I imagine that eye as one which labors and which desires, simultaneously, to experience happiness and to know the truth about society.’

from an essay by Jeff wall I found on his web site, next to his photograph ‘doorpusher’ 1984

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