Web Elective

Just to keep it all together, this is a link to my new website, a site I created to submit as work for the elective unit…


Nothing to do with tango for a change!

The brief I gave myself was to design and build a web site to sell my pattern designs and at the same time showcase my skills as a flash content and website designer and illustrator.

I wanted the three gardens to be based on the patterns I had previously designed, but to also have quite distinct feels to them. Like a real garden might have different rooms, I wanted each page of the virtual garden to give you a sense of wandering through a changing environment. I tried to achieve this by giving each garden it’s own colour palette and slightly varying the illustrative style to be in keeping with the theme. For example, the Japanese garden uses brush strokes in the pattern evoking a Japanese style of painting, it also uses a traditional Japanese pattern to indicate the movement in the water. The colours are cool and clean. The only element that is out of style is the lily pad, which uses rich warm greens and browns, a palette more in keeping with the tropical garden, the garden that you will find if you interact with the lily pad… It’s supposed to be a small clue that it is the doorway into the next garden.

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