What to do with the data

I’d like to try getting my existing tracking system to control a flash file.

I found this site recently, when I was looking around at flash sites for inspiration in the last project.


I love it!

First off I love the movement of the animation in the initial navigation. I think this would work so well in my environment if I could figure out how they did it. I don’t want text, but if I could make a pattern move in this way, it would be like the floor coming up to meet every step I took, and falling away on all sides. This is something I like to feel – and I don’t think its an idea unique to tango, martial arts and yoga have this feeling of connection with the ground. drawing energy from it, moving it through your body and out into the world.

random image generator random image generator 2random image generator 3random image generator 4

Another thing I love on this site is the random image generator. Above are four images that were generated randomly on four consecutive clicks. Its like what I was thinking about with regard to a tuning of a space. setting up parameters and rules so that however the elements are thrown together inside it, they will work. Designing a template, a structure that will allow random elements to play and interact within it, always creating something beautiful.

I must admit, when I went to the site just now to take some snapshots of the screen, I started to become selective. I didn’t take the first images generated because I wanted a good one, one I felt looked ‘designed’ . This is what Eno Henze was talking about at the lecture on Generative art I went to in Berlin last month (‘generator-x‘). The altered role of a generative artist… not so much the creator as the curator. He writes the programs that generate the art, but doesn’t directly make it. His artistic role is in selecting the images that he exhibits. Not dissimilar to the role of a photographer or editor I suppose.

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