A New Genre

I saw a review in the Guardian guide booklet last weekend about the dance company ‘chunky move’ from Melbourne. A small extract:
‘…a pioneer within the arena of dance and new technology, having created a genre that is part live performance and part visual installation. In Mortal Engine, one of its signature pieces, a network of lasers and video projections react to the dancers as they move, triggering patterns of light and sound across the stage. Aggressively invasive of the dancers’ space yet richly beautiful in texture, these effects create layers of virtual choreography and drama.’

chunky move, 'glow'
chunky move, 'glow'

I looked them up on you-tube and was duly impressed… blows anything I can do out the water! – look at the dance film page on this blog to see the video I found. But still, I think what I’ve been trying to do… although it doesn’t look as pretty yet, is quite an interesting idea. It attempts to program improvised choreography, based on rules I follow whilst dancing… interaction with and avoidance of other bodies in space, and moving by singling out and following different parts of the music.

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