New Paintings in Progress

I’ve picked up my brushes again recently, since daylight saving has given me some time after work that I can still see what I’m doing (I can’t judge colours in artificial light). These two I don’t consider finished yet, I’m waiting for it to become clear how to proceed, in the mean time I start new ones to keep the practice flowing. The green one, with the trees in the background, I’m pleased with what I’ve done but have no idea what to put in the foreground yet! Any suggestions…?

Woods edge
And these birches at dusk or dawn… I want the shadows to be strong from the trees as if lit by headlights or something… To make you wonder who is looking at this scene and why. But I can’t figure out the way they should fall yet. I need to go out and find such a scene as I made this one up without any reference images.



Night trees









I like walking in woods.  I feel reassured by the earthy aroma. Enclosed and guarded by solid pillars and shielded from the sun by a translucent and pure green.