Jamie and Otto’s farewell

Jamie and Otto

After a spate of break-ins in her London home, Otto’s owner feared for her cat’s safety. My friend Jamie stepped in like a gallant knight to the rescue and offered to keep the cat safe here in Norwich (perhaps with the secret hope of winning the owner’s heart in the process). Over six months, playing with string and putting up with furry pillows, Jamie won Otto’s heart, and in turn Otto won his. This painting commemorates their bond in the days before Otto was returned to his original owner.

Waxham Dunes

I painted this last summer on location. The sea is behind me, I’m sitting near the top of the dunes looking inland. Its an interesting view – the long grass and heather moves in the wind, mirroring the waves. Whilst I was painting, a couple of horses and riders passed, I put them in lightly and I’m still not sure if they’re right there. They sort of fix the scale of the painting, which I’m not sure I like. If they are staying I probably should put them in with more commitment.

the dunes

sleeping jack russell terrier

I’ve been doing these little oil paintings lately, just a few inches square, as presents for friends and family. This one was for my boss at work who is crazy about these dogs. I was concerned after I finished that its not entirely obvious whether the dog is sleeping or dead… I gave it to her anyway. She seemed pleased.


Allotment Pattern

Those drawings I did a few weeks back from sketches on the allotment: just made them into a pattern…

Allotment repeat pattern

I like the community spirit, the hub of creative activity and nurturing. I’d like to see it on a tea towel.

steaming wheel barrows, dangling carrots, observing the sprouts, sheds galore. The delights of the allotment.

Parsley and Chives

Parsley Blue
Blue wash, for a china pattern

Parsley pattern

Parsley purple and layered

These illustrations started out as a series of drawings of herbs, this and the bay leaf have made it into pattern form (I used the bay in the canary pattern).  I think this one would make a nice china pattern. I might work on the others at some point, there was one of thyme I rather liked.