Tutorial with Liam

I handed in my statement of intent for this project… collaborative_statement1.doc

He seemed happy enough. Suggested thinking about how sound was involved, that perhaps the patterns generated by the programme should effect the playback of the music to make it all circular (music affects the choreography, choreography affects the pattern, pattern affects the music). I can see how this would be pleasing, but I’m not sure yet how it could be implemented. I did have the programme listening to the music and changing the damping of the ripples depending on the volume, but Gonzalo pointed out that visualiations from music are quite common now, and it would be more interesting to work on introducing more elements to be affected by movement. I think I agree. But I will give the sound dimention some more thought.

I had some other ideas, on how I could change the imagery generated by the programme. I don’t know if it’s possible but I thought perhaps I could somehow take the programming for the visualisations you get with windows media player for example, and introduce it to my programme so that I could use them on the dance floor. Liam suggested looking up max tunes in MaxMSP.

We also discussed using sensors on the dancers (tilt sensors or pressure pads) to enable other things to be triggered within the performance.

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