iTango was performed in front of a large audience at the Tangomagia festival in Amsterdam in December.

Some things went very well… the set up was much more professional than it has been in the past, the cradle I had made for the projector and camera to be mounted on the rig worked beautifully, not a reel of duct tape in sight!


The space was so much better than in Salzburg, which was a huge relief since none of us had seen it before agreeing to do the performance. The dance floor was a good size because the ceiling was so high, and the program was working very nicely.


We only had about an hour to rehearse before the space was needed for the vj to set up, and our only run through didn’t quite fit – the music ended before we’d got in all the aspects of the choreography that we had worked out in Salzburg and discussed the night before. So going into the performance that evening felt a little under prepared.


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