The Choreography

Working with the program, trying to show all the different possibilities we wove together a rough narrative within the dance. It’s a shame we hadn’t done this before I started putting the sound piece together because it would have been a good starting point to know how the mood of the dance was going to change over time. We used a different piece of music for the performance, mine wasn’t going to work with what we wanted to do, and it was Gonzalo’s opinion that ‘Nostalgias’ was too cliched.

To start off, we used the ripples in one colour, the way it was at the last performance so perhaps what people might have been expecting to see if they had been there or seen the film on you-tube. Initially the mood is playful, discovering the floor, discovering each other. Halfway through the first song, when they start to really dance together, i began to introduce new colours to the ripples. the performance continues swiftly into the next song, and the mood changes. Fear and anxiety; the dancers are separated and the pattern becomes linear and hard. When they find each other again, the the lines become red blocks. the dancers try to avoid the patches of colour as if avoiding capture. Eventually the floor fills with red and the ripples that follow them are black… the black envelops the dancers and the floor and the dance ends.

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