progress report

Tom pointed me in the direction of a very nice little maxMSP patch written by Eric Singer. Its uses a flocking algorithm to make graphic objects (boids) orbit around the mouse position in the manner of flocking animals/birds. I’ve been messing around with it, and have wired it up so that they change colour and speed depending on the position of the wiimote, and at the same time follow the position of a person on the dance floor through the camera tracking system I already have in place. I can make them freeze by pointing my foot up (if the wiimote is on my ankle). I want to make them leave a trace of their path, that’s what I’m going to look into today.

One thought on “progress report

  1. I showed this new development, the animated graphic objects, in the crit last week. One of the comments was that it didn’t seem to reflect the nature of the dance. Because the motion of the objects was so frenetic, it didn’t seem to suit the movement of the dancers. Tango isn’t always slow and sensual, sometimes it is frenetic, but I take the point. The ripples work better as a visual metaphor for the meditative sensation of the dance.


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