dance floor behaviour

My programming isn’t up to much, but I imagine the way to go about simulating a dance floor would be to come up with some simple rules to govern decisions made on the direction taken by each dancing couple.

1. Dancing couple comprises two people. Person A, person B.
2. A is the leader, therefore most of the time A walks forward, B walks backward, either diagonally or directly in front of A.
3. Sometimes B moves around A, very occasionally A moves around B.
4. Due to the embrace being uneven, moves are easier on the open side, which means there is a tendency towards anti-clockwise rotation.
5. Each dancing couple has to maintain the distance between them and the couples in front of them. If a space opens up in front, slightly to one side, they move to fill it. (still following the movement rules 1 – 4)
6. If the couple in front is dancing a little bit wildly, the distance left between them and the next couple would be greater.

I don’t know, maybe it’s interesting, maybe not… Any dancers reading this who would agree or disagree with those rules?
I might film a milonga from above and trace the paths of each person, see if they hold true, see if the paths make a nice pattern.

One thought on “dance floor behaviour

  1. Hi Fran

    I have recently been mailing Sam (Waller) and just out of interest checked out videos for Tango Norwich on YT – which has led me here. I was in Argentina in January and videoed Gonzalez and Sollange at Villa Malcolm. Doing the dance from your iTango Project. Would be happy to send you the footage. Will have to apologise for the video quality but it’s very atmospheric 🙂

    Anyway mail me and let me know


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