re-cycling code

At the beginning of this project, when I was thinking about using flash to generate the pattern that would be created, I found a website that inspired me (I talked about it in the post ‘What to do with the data‘). Working with a friend (Mitchell DeBruyn) I wrote some action script trying to achieve a similar result. Subsequently I decided not to use flash for the project, mainly because I couldn’t find out how to get information from the real world into and out of the program in real time, plus I already had those systems in place with maxMSP from the previous project. Anyway, I’m very pleased (because it took us bloody ages!) to announce that the code has been given life elsewhere. I used it as the basis of the home page navigation device on the MA catalogue website, which I created in collaboration with Jonathan Harvey (who graduated from the same course last year) and Charlotte Vogel (who graduates next year).

Norwich University College of the ARts MA Exibitions Catalogue
Norwich University College of the ARts MA Exibitions Catalogue

Another website that I liked when I was looking around thinking about visuals was storynest. It has some really amazing flash animation and sound design work on it, the page I have linked to is one I particularly liked and which actually reminds me of some of the patterns created in the dance piece ‘glow’ – the video I posted yesterday.

the romance of letters
the romance of letters

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