dancing dots

It seems to be coming together at last, my dots are actually quite adorable! Today I started to tweak the values to make the dots sensitive to different aspects of the music… trying to find the right speeds, the best frequency of bangs for certain functions. Eg, they get more excited and turn faster with high pitch notes… they get closer together in their pairs when getting closer to another pair… they each have different sensitivities to attacks and frequencies in the music so they change direction and the center point about which to turn in their couples at different times. They have really come alive. It’s incredibly simple to look at – just coloured dots on a white background, but the their movements are full of personality! A screen shot wouldn’t do it justice, their beauty is in the way they move. I tried to take a video screen grab to post an example of them dancing to some music, but my laptop is having none of it… I suppose she has been overworked today.

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